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Hair Extensions

Providing Everything You Need


Machine/Hand Tied Wefts

Hair weft is a collection of hair strands that are sewn onto a thin strip of cloth.  Hand tied wefts are more delicate and lighter than machine wefts.  A beaded foundation is installed around the curvature of your natural head shape.  The wefts will the be sewn onto the foundation by hand.  The amount of wefts is based on how much length or volume you would like to add.  Application takes about 2 hours.  This method is the most seamless application and is great for all hair types.  Move up maintenance is about every 10 weeks.


Tape-in extensions are one and a half inches of hair wefts that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue.  A thin section of the client's natural hair is "sandwiched" between 2 wefts of tape-in extensions.

  • HAIR TYPES:  for all hair types and is highly suggested for thin or fragile hair

  • APPLICATION: ~2 hrs

  • REAPPLICATION: must be done every 6 weeks to avoid damage to the natural hair.



I-tip extensions are installed strand-by-strand without using heat or glue.  The strand of i-tip extension and client's natural hair are pulled through a copper bead then clamped together to secure the hair in place.

  • HAIR TYPES: medium to thick

  • APPLICATION: ~3-4 hrs

  • REAPPLICATION:  must be done every 6-9 weeks to avoid damage to natural hair.  

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